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Friday, 17 April 2009


The following pictures from Stella's catwalk show during Fall/Winter Paris fashion week prove why my never-ending love for her has its reasons unless we say that love knows reasons that mind doesn't know (it sounds like this in Italian at least!)...

Let's star with this dress, my favourite exit from the show: it's typically Stella for the colours and the geometric (but not too rigid) print and if you look under it you will realize you cannot survive without those skin-tight knicker-heigh boots (obviously in faux leather)

Many people in the audience were wearing oversized boyfriend jackets matched with skinny pants or leggings and ankle boots or silky jumpsuits, both Stella signature pieces from Stella previous collections. And this show is not going to disappoint any of her affectionated followers: oversized blazers, cocoon-shaped coats (I'd die to have one) and jumpsuits were the real stars of the catwalk again.

I love this creamy/nude blouse with balloon sleeves, soo romantic! and I really like the skinny trousers too with a lace band on the side paired with kind of mens' shoes (the contrast I always look for).

I think this is quite a different outfit for Stella. I like that she tried (with very good results) to make it rock-chicer than she used to. The leather biker jacket (what a great colour!) matched with that beautiful airy purple (the right shade) dress... uhmmmm, I love it!

This is the coat we were talking about before, nothing too particular or noticeable but so beautiful in the purity of the cut and in its semplicity. The tiny belt around the waist makes it more up-to-date and the buttoned high neck is very elegant and gives a bit of mystery to it. No comment about the boots: they're fabulous!

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