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Sunday, 28 June 2009


She's definitely my winning look of the week! The Stella McCartney's nude dress is very sexy and feminine while still being simple and chic and I love how she paired it with that boyfriend white blazer (Stella again?) and the Louboutin patent nude pumps (almost every celeb is wearing one of those these days). The Prada bag just adds attitude to the outfit (who cares it is from the last season collection???). Well done, Miranda!

Nothing special from Gisele, as always... she keeps her style very simple and plain, but maybe it is for her beautiful figure that every single piece she puts on just seems sooo nice and cute on her! And the fact she's pregnant at the moment (as I am!!! BIG NEWS) makes me always keep an eye on what she wears.

Cameron hits my post twice this week and these you see here are just some of the outfits I liked the most from her. This particular look above was from The Tonigh show she attended and I really like the dress (Alaia?) and absolutely love the shoes. They make the difference!

I adore lace in its every form and this white lace dress here is sooooo chic, very lady-like. Cameron made also the right decision to match it with red shoes and belt as they give freshness to the look.

Vic always dresses out of the lines... but... the long boyfriend sparkling cardi is amazing as well as those Louboutin grey ankle boots! Excessive for a day out with the boys though.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Just a few pictures that caught my attention here...

You wouldn't believe it, this is my favourite of all! Let's go to the gym and work-out in a glamorous, stylish way! Good job French girl (look at those nails... uhmmmmm, pretty!)

I'm going to repeat this look for sure!

This one is courtesy of Garance Dorè

Garance Dorè again

Like the patent ballet flats from Lanvin!

Cut his head (what happened to his hair???) and the rest is just as I like a man to be seen in on a casual occasion

Not too much nor too little to notice, She's cute!

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Sorry for not writing for the whole week but... I'm sooo busy at work I didn't have anytime left for myself...

Anyways, here are all the looks I've been loving for the last 7 days except for this first one below that actually should have belonged to the previous week looks (but I just found out the pic a couple of days ago...) but I coudn't help not posting it!

Kate Bosworth has always been one of my favourite actress, I like her figure (a bit tiny but well proportioned) and I find her face amazing! Her outfit here is simple and well matched: love especially the body-con black skirt that goes with everything and the shoes paired with that bag. Really cute face though...

I don't like this dress very much (cut-out details and fringing are too much together)- I wouldn't have wore it, that's for sure - but I like it on her. I adore the laser cut heels from Giuseppe Zanotti Design.
Diane, oh Diane... what should I say? Red is going very strong this week... she's just AMAZING! Love the shoes, the dress... she's perfect!

My absolutely favourite look for this week! Skinnies will always win for me over any other pants and I'm in love with the gold studded sweater/jacket she's wearing (very Givenchy). I also usually like sky-high heels but I'm not sure I like those (Zanotti again?), maybe too high platform (they give the sensation of her being a drag queen!!!).

Another winning look for her this week! Love both the dress and the shoes!
I know this outfit is not one of those you were expecting but it just surpised me when I saw it... I like the fact that she seems very toned and I really appreciate the acid green colour of the vest, so modern and different!

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Finally back on the inspiring track, she's got the winning look this week! I adore her bubble sparkling back dress (I wouldn't have wore it for a day-walk in Paris though) matched with the black blazer with curled up arms and these simple yet stylish patent Louboutins (they just go with everything). Well done Sienna!

I like this outfit from Jessica Biel (she's dressing quite well during last weeks): I love the colours, the leather shirt cropped jacket and I really adore her sparkling necklace, I think it makes the whole look! Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the shoes she's wearing...

What a nice look Reese, you really surprised me! Love the dress (both colours and pattern, very-Lanvin) and also the fact she matched it with flat pumps and a clutch (even if I don't really like both of them). Maybe adding the hat was a bit too much, she didn't need it, to my opinion


Miu Miu Coffer bag in grey from the the new collection

Christian Louboutin open toe patent Mary Janes

Sunday, 7 June 2009


This is my favourite look of the week: the dress is amazing, especially paired with those sky-high ankle boots and what to say about her beautiful, toned long legs? She's got it all!

She is so "pure"... the powder/nude colour in its every shade makes her really sweet... of course, it's very easy with that beautiful figure and such pretty face!

Oh Sienna Sienna... finally you did something good... her look here is very now, big harem pants (maybe a bit too much?) matched with the blazer with curled up arms... I quite like this outfit and I like the way she matched 3 different (even if all neutrals) colours. Nice shoes too(Margiela?)

I'm not a huge fan of Jessica Biel but this outfit really surprised me: it is very lady-like (good source of inspiration for the office look) and simple and I really love the blue tone she used.
Not sure I'm going to repeat it though.

Another lady-to-be this week... Rosie has a very fresh and young face so the contrast she made wearing this very-Armani kind of outfit is quite significant. She' s feminine, delicate and, why not? a bit posh... she looks adorable by the way.


Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I'm waiting to receive this swimsuit from Victoria's Secret next month, can't wait!

Love this outfit from Whitney Port!

... from Cannes... she seems posh but I quite like her look...

Sooo joyful, that's what I like about this picture!

... on my mind everyday...

Look at the little girl, she's just perfect!

I'm going to Rome next Thurs. to get my highlights... finally, 2 months have passed since last time!

simple yet stylish
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