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Sunday, 30 August 2009


I would like to introduce u Kasia Smutniak, the new face of Armani parfum L'idole.
I've been knowing her for many many years now and I've loved her from her first appearence for the TIM campaign about 5/6 years ago. She's quite popular in Italy and I'm sure she'll become an international diva. What do u guys think?


She's absolutely my favourite this week! Her red dress (I'm having quite an affair with red colour for winter!) paired with patent ankle boots. I would wear this outfit for a night out for sure!

Back to the Olsen twins, how long! I found the way they are dressed quite simple with nothing to put the accent on, but the shoes talk by themselves! Especially the pair wore by the twin on the left (who is she, Ashley or Mary-Kate? I still do not recognize them!)

A true classic summer look: ripped denim shorts, All Stars, gold studded belt and a nice vest. What else do we need in this hot temperature??? I can't wait autumn/winter to come!!!

Both girls are dressed really well here. I like Anna Kournikova's leopard printed dress (notice the padded shoulders) and Blake's dress is amazing. I would have preferred it shorter, even because she's not so tall, but I like the big black braces in contrast.

Sunday, 23 August 2009


This post worths a prologue...
This Italian girl here is going to make me very envious... we started doing castings together when I used to live in Rome 4/5 years ago and now she's one of the new Italian divas! I'm sooooo jelous of her! I still find her very feminine and beautiful tough and that is why I've decided to let you know her closely. Let me also add that she's got a real sexy boyfriend (an Italian "actor") named Francesco Arca and he worths taking a look too!!!

from Elle France

from one of her latest movies

dressed in Chanel

on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy with the Italian actor Nicolas Vaporidis (don't really like him)

again with him from the same editorial

Here is her beau...

Attending the Chanel catwalk in Paris

with Francesco again along the street in Italy


I don't really know what to say again... I'm conscious I've been posting pictures of Diane every week for a long time now but I coudn't help but doing it (and it is not the only one this week)! She's amazing in everything she chooses!
Her Miu Miu dress here is very glamourous.

Diane again this time wearing Chanel head to toe! What a dream!

At "The September Issue" premiere (the movie on Anna Wintour everyone is talking about, can't wait it is across cinemas) she looks stunning! I like her legs a lot so I found it difficult not to like her outfit every time she wears a mini-dress.

Sorry followers, u'll get bored of my posts if I'll going on posting pics of her! I really really love her mini-floral dress here. I've being searching for one of those for a long time and still haven't found it yet! Not so sure about the boots tough (at least there's one thing I don't like!).

Blake Lively's patent Mary-Janes Louboutins had made my day when I found out this pic! She's dressed in a very simple way and that is what makes accessories come out from the look. I like it! And a men white shirt is always chic, you can't go wrong.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


from her Autumn/Winter 2010 catwalk show

Isabel herself

Sienna wearing my beloved boots

J'adore tout ce qu' elle conçoit!

Saturday, 15 August 2009


Her now signature long comfortable dress, this time paired with a leather cropped tan jacket. A perfect mise for travelling. Not to say about her beautiful gold studded belt (so in for the up-coming season) and her LV suitcases.

She's got it, nothing to say... Her white feminine not too short dress is perfectly matched with black patent ballet flats. Pure style, no other words needed.

Olivia Palermo's got soon to be mine Louboutins! This oh-so-classic pair of shoes really makes every outfit. I also like her long (longer than the LBD itself) cardi and her stylish big tote.

Nothing special about Li-Lo look here. I'm quite tired about her trashy radical chic (and sooooo expensive) outfits but this time I decided to post this pic of her as I'm having kind of an affair with ballet flats (and brogues actually) and I think she's wearing them with skinny ripped ankle jeans very well. Not so sure about that clear tank tough. I would have preferred a dash of colour to contrast the other pieces. The Balenciaga will always win, in any case, especially in dust pink.

I'm SO SORRY... I coudn't help not loving her! She's just my fave celeb of all times. Ballet flats again here with skinnies and a never-goes-out -of -style "marinara" (striped) loosy t-shirt. Chic and simple at the same time. What more would you ask for???