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Sunday, 30 August 2009


She's absolutely my favourite this week! Her red dress (I'm having quite an affair with red colour for winter!) paired with patent ankle boots. I would wear this outfit for a night out for sure!

Back to the Olsen twins, how long! I found the way they are dressed quite simple with nothing to put the accent on, but the shoes talk by themselves! Especially the pair wore by the twin on the left (who is she, Ashley or Mary-Kate? I still do not recognize them!)

A true classic summer look: ripped denim shorts, All Stars, gold studded belt and a nice vest. What else do we need in this hot temperature??? I can't wait autumn/winter to come!!!

Both girls are dressed really well here. I like Anna Kournikova's leopard printed dress (notice the padded shoulders) and Blake's dress is amazing. I would have preferred it shorter, even because she's not so tall, but I like the big black braces in contrast.

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