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Sunday, 23 August 2009


This post worths a prologue...
This Italian girl here is going to make me very envious... we started doing castings together when I used to live in Rome 4/5 years ago and now she's one of the new Italian divas! I'm sooooo jelous of her! I still find her very feminine and beautiful tough and that is why I've decided to let you know her closely. Let me also add that she's got a real sexy boyfriend (an Italian "actor") named Francesco Arca and he worths taking a look too!!!

from Elle France

from one of her latest movies

dressed in Chanel

on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy with the Italian actor Nicolas Vaporidis (don't really like him)

again with him from the same editorial

Here is her beau...

Attending the Chanel catwalk in Paris

with Francesco again along the street in Italy

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