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Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I usually don't buy Cosmopolitan as I found it speaks more about girlie things (as Glamour by the way) than about fashion but this time I really like this editorial (courtesy of as it truly reflects my style and the pieces I always buy time over time: lace details and nude feminine items paired with black. I don't like the model so much (Nadejda Savcova), but she's quite a pretty and fresh face.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Unfortunately I wasn't able to put my hands on these pair of "baby" shoes from Chloè 2007 collection (still looking for them in case you know somebody who wants to sell theirs!) and this other pair came out from its latest summer collection. It is not the same shoes obviously but it is pretty similar to my original lust. At least I got a second chance... Lucky me?
Let's see if I will finally have that kind in my walk-in (!?!?!?)

ERIN HEATHERTON - from Oysh summer collection

Just found out this image and I soon wanted to post as it reminds me of my Elite book in Milan and of the period when I used to (try to) model... merci!

Monday, 27 April 2009


They are two of my favourite models of all times: Laetitia used to be my idea of being sexy with all those curves and her normal height and the raising star Magdalena Frackoviak is just the perfect incarnation of what beauty is now. What I always tought about them (and why I always liked them) was that their beauty came from being natural and fresh and now... what's that??? Both of them have become platinum blonde on the cover of a fashion magazine? Why? I hope that colour is just for the cover... please don't tell me they made it to stay :(



Love the Balmain skirt and fringed boots
I like how she wears the harem pants with booties and the zebra top

Over the knee Louboutin boots with leopard printed short-sleeved jacket

Harems again with the Tribute Ysl platform (never got bored of them!)

This is one of my typical work outfit!

J'adore the studded boots and that leather jacket

No words needed!

My last finding in the world of fashion editors/stylists is this not-so-well-known girl of 32 years who is a fashion stylist for Vogue Spain. Her name is Barbara Martelo and she is really addicted to skinny leather pants, high heels and, tah-dah, BALMAIN (especially the jackets).
Enjoy these glamorous inspiring pictures with me!

Courtesy of the sartorialist,

Sunday, 26 April 2009


I know that this post will be seen as one of the usual posts from fashionistas and probably it is but, since I use this blog as my inspiration e-book I coudn't help not posting images of Giovanna Battaglia's looks as she has a unique sense of style which I really admire. For the ones who still don't know her, she is the fashion editor of Vogue Uomo Italia and used to be one of D&G models for a lot of time (this is where her beautiful long pair of legs comes from).
I'm afraid I got a big girl crush on her, despite I don't find her very attractive, I'm totally in love about the fact that she wears whatever she likes in the most glamorous way I've seen around.
She's a goddess and such an inspiration to me.
If you have time, please take a look here at you'll find some of the editorials she did, amazing pictures, I promise!
P.S. Most of the pictures are courtesy of the sartorialist and of


This picture is from a Chloè boutique opening somewhere (I don't remember) and even if Chloe Sevigny's outfit is the only one I really like between these three girls, I've posted just this photo 'cause 1. I find Kate Bosworth lovely despite what she wears, 2. the knee high boots of the girl in the middle (who is she by the way?) are sooo nice.
Anyways, Chloe is very chic yet fashionable, her shoes are amazingly feminine, the white long boyfriend jacket is so this moment and I like that she's showing her beautiful long legs: well-done Chloé!
OMG, she's fantastic! I really like that she wore white harem pants (2nd time) for an official occasion, especially with those patent Mary-Janes with open toes. And what to say about the Chanel bag in grey??? no words needed!

This is not one of my favourite looks from Mary-Kate but I decided to post it anyway 'cause I like the easy style of this shirt chiffon/silk (?) dress and how she paired it with wedge mules in black and a postman-bag: the combination of colours and of styles is just right.

Our Kate is for sure the emblem of English chic with the simplicity of those skinny cropped washed-out jeans (with platform shoes, of course!) matched with a small fitted jacket... so perfect, I like it!

Saturday, 25 April 2009


I know that Sienna is a really good friend of Mr. Williamson and that she wore his creations for a lot of official occasions but Idn't understand why she decided to choose that particular dress to appear with the designer for the collection made for H&M... why not the long multicoloured one that was on the ad campaign then? maybe it was too obvious but surely better than the one she wore!? Every other piece from the collection would have been cuter than the one she has chosen! She gives me the impression of being an old-maid aunt!
Some good points for the shoes instead which remind me of Marie Antoiette's!