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Saturday, 12 June 2010


I just came back from a short trip from London this week and my need of red has becoming really urgent and desperate since then!
Let me explain. I was with my dear friend Lou when I saw a red pair of high-heeled patent Louboutin strappy sandals, which left my feet almost nude, so chic... my heart melted! But, as u know, life is made of decisions and I was forced to leave them there where I found'em... I had seen other pieces I wanted to buy (from Chloè to be more precise) and I had to choose. But now I'm back and I have no way of putting my hands on those shoes... uhhhh, God knows if I'm regretting my decision :(
Anyways, I'm not even able to show you a pic of them (couldn't find any)... so I'm posting an amazing red dress (the red I like) from Valentino autumn/winter 2010 catwalk show, one of my fave shows of next season (check my post on it here