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Sunday, 26 July 2009


This is for sure my favourite look of the week together with the one below from Diane.
I love the fact that she seems so relaxed as she didn't put too much effort in deciding what she was to wearing. And I really like that long thin scarf and the dark green colour she has chosen for the shoes. Very different!

Diane does not disappoint me, ever! The Balmain dress here is fabulous, AMAZING, I wish I could effort one like this. I'm not so convinced about the shoes though, let me say they are ok.

The lazy outfit from Angelina is very-airport chic... u know, I've got this obsession in looking at what celebrities wear on their long flight as I believe that true style comes out from the everyday looks more than while attending red-carpet events. I like her long grey t-shirt a lot with black skinnies.

She's sooo chic she doesn't seem to be true! This beautiful dress is from her new Autumn/Winter 2010 collection (and costs more than 2.000£... crazy, uh???) and it is even better with those sky-high burgundy (or dark brown?) Louboutin.

I was not so sure about posting this pic up till the end... but then I though, "it is the only celeb is trying to have fun with matching clothes and accessories", so she worths a spot in my looks of the week post.
To be true, I like the shorts (very this moment), the colourful silk blouse and the shoes a lot, but there is something that just doesn't match, that plays out of the tune... could it be the yellow clutch bag? I just don't understand what it is. Maybe the blouse was already enough!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


These images are just sooooooo pretty! Thanks to Elle UK, always a good source of inspiration to me!

Monday, 20 July 2009


Sorry for the delay in writing, I should have made it yesterday....
Anyways, many pictures this week but so much to say. Most of the outfits are very simple but I decided to post 'em as I like each of them for a reason (maybe even just a detail or a colour).

First look is from Asheley Cole: I like black and white a lot during last couple of months so that's why I choose this pic. And also for the amazing Tribute YSL pumps, of course! Ah, I forgot to tell you that I've finally put my hands on mine 2 weeks ago at the YSL outlet... they come in a very dark green colour but I love them! Didn't have the occasion to wear them yet but I know they're going to make all my girlfriends jealous!

Welcome back Kate! I like the leather cropped biker jacket (the one I'm looking for myself) and the boots are quite nice.

Sienna is really dressed in a simple way here, quite boring... but what catched my eye was the long grey cardi and the white brogues (both on my wishlist).

Now it is my turn to be jealous! She's just soooooo stylish here I hate her! The dress/coat in that peach/apricot romantic colour paired with thong flat sandals and a LV bag for her little dog.... uhmmmmm, who is she, the new Jackie Kennedy???

Marisa Miller is a true beauty and I found the way she's dressed here really elegant and glamorous. The white bandeau mini dress (with black details, bows and stuff) is very pretty and sexy at the same time.

Here is another Victoria's Secret beauty... second appearence for her this week... what to say? She looks stunning! She looks like a '40s style actress.

I like her a lot! I know u'll not find anything special in this look but I like the long striped t-shirt a lot and definitely how she looks here in general. Maybe I would not have wore those boots, they're just too big for her tiny figure.

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Love her leather jacket, I'd kill to have one like this!

Isabel Marant boots... uhmmmmmmm... JEALOUS!


Out and about in NYC Olivia looks very chic... I love how she matched so many colours at the same time and I like her multi-tiered nude coat and her oversized jewelled necklace. Definitely my winning look of the week!

It seems black is back and at least not just for Kate this week... I like her look here, especially the patent boyish mocassinos, even if I'm getting tired of her outfits. They are almost pretty the same.

As I told u, here is another celeb in black this week. Let's say that she is another black-addicted, so no extraordinary news. I decided to post it anyway 'cause I'm very much in love with her LBD.

Megan Fox is just everywhere these days and I hate her! She's good-looking yeah, nothing to say, but she's too self-conscious it shows and that's what I really don't like about her.
Anyway I think her true beauty comes out the most when she wears plain simple outfits instead of those look-at-me-I'm-so-sexy red carpet dresses. She's got such a pretty face she's obvious with those. Here I like her hat a lot, her ripped jeans (does she really have a great toned body? I just don't understand as she doesn't seem to when wearing jeans and a T-shirt...) and the big balck hobo bag.

So simple and boho I love it! I really like this kind of long dresses, they make me dream of summer days and holidays spent in Ibaza or on a Greek island and I'd love to go to one of those destination with my beau. I like the fact that she paired it with that white Chloè bag... she knows the right stuff, doesn't she???

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Some of the most beautiful pics I have ever seen of her... she's absolutely one of my favourite models. Enjoy!

all images are courtesy of

Sunday, 5 July 2009


She's the winning look of this week again! Shorts are really cool and the cream lace top makes the outfit. The sandals also (I like the white coned heel here) add attidute to the look. Always on the top Diane!
Kate, Kate... still don't know if I like it or not... uhmmm... like the lace part of the combination but apart from that the outfit is nothing too special. And I know it is very hot in London at the moment so I just don't understand her knee-high boots!?!?!

I don't like Whitney Port's look but I decided to post this pic anyway 'cause I love her friend's!
First of all she's curvy but in a cool way and I like it. Then the open-toe boots are terrific, especially matched with leggings (or skinnies) and I also like the simple plain but waist-belted T-shirt. A look I will copy for sure.