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Sunday, 5 July 2009


She's the winning look of this week again! Shorts are really cool and the cream lace top makes the outfit. The sandals also (I like the white coned heel here) add attidute to the look. Always on the top Diane!
Kate, Kate... still don't know if I like it or not... uhmmm... like the lace part of the combination but apart from that the outfit is nothing too special. And I know it is very hot in London at the moment so I just don't understand her knee-high boots!?!?!

I don't like Whitney Port's look but I decided to post this pic anyway 'cause I love her friend's!
First of all she's curvy but in a cool way and I like it. Then the open-toe boots are terrific, especially matched with leggings (or skinnies) and I also like the simple plain but waist-belted T-shirt. A look I will copy for sure.

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