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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Kate Moss launches her new Topshop collection - April 2nd

I am sorry but if these are "the best" pieces from her new collection I just don't like them at all!

I love Liberty prints so much and I was waiting to see this preview but now I'm very disappointed, it is just not what I was expecting.

I know we should not judge a book by its cover but...

Let me hear what you think about it

Style icons - The French Voguettes

Carine Roitfeld (rumours are that she wants her staff to be skinny and good-looking! it seems that she is going to replace Anna Wintour in NY), Emanuelle Alt and her assistant Geraldine Saglio are more than fashion icons. They are the first ones to wear the most desirable fashion pieces just the day after the runway show, to walk in very high heels all day long and wear jewelry with jeans while looking elegant and glamouros.

What else?

Let's say that no fashion show would start without their presence (especially Carine's), 'cause their influence is huge and a nod or shake by one of the editor has the power to make or breake a designer's career.


Monday, 30 March 2009


Kate Moss has got the new Gucci bag (London limited edition) that I'd love to have...

Sunday, 29 March 2009

veryELLE Shopping P/E09 REVIEW

I just bought this Elle Italia special number mostly about the new accssories of the SS09 season and the first impression is quite good, I got the feeling that I'm going to find something interesting to read and also some pieces to add to my wishlist... but anyway, let's flip through it together...

There are a couple of pages (which I always like) dedicated to fashion ladies', editors and buyers, choices about bags and shoes, followed by celebrities "it-bags" of the season... not bad to begin!

Following is an interview with the genious Bruno Frisoni, the creative soul of Roger Vivier, regarding what inspires him the most and which are the must-have shoes for a woman (3 for spring/summer).

There is also a very ORIGINAL (never saw one like this) Shopping map of Italy with more that 90 addresses to find every designer pieces you want

City guides (NY, Paris, London and Glasgow) are also very interesting as they are different than the usual city guides talking about where to stay or eat 'cause they give you tips on how to save money on hotels and restaurants and spend it all in the shops they recommand... CLEVER!
And when I first read the introduction on the page (which says "...the rule is to save on everything but Chanel and Jimmy Choos") I thought "wow, I am not the only one on earth, I am not crazy then!" and it made me feel soooo well and relaxed about my obsession :)

In conclusion, let's say that the pages dedicated to shoes are very inspiring but I was expecting more from the ones showing bags (tacky, cheap), lingerie and swimsuits - it was not a good selection at all!

P.S. Can brands like Guess or Miss Sixty copy shoes and bags from Sigerson Morrison and YSL??? It sounds really incredible to me???out of 5

The - It's Chic-onomics!

Natalie Massenet, founder of the famous, after 8 years of making us dreaming about amazing designer pieces, is now due to launch a new fashion website. Called the it is a chic new way to shop with big savings. It will sell clothes and accessories (including lingerie and swimmwear) from previous seasons, items that were once available at together with stock not previously available, all from top fashion brands.
The launch date is set on April 2009, so sign-in at the to be updated and stay tuned.
Can't wait!



When I was in London a few weeks ago shopping in Harvey Nics I discovered this fabulous shoe designer from Denmark - CAMILLA SKOVGAARD - I felt in love with these amazing white/cream boots but my shoe size was out of stock already :(
I'm sure you will hear about her a lot in the future!

Visit her website

Saturday, 28 March 2009


Love the slouchy boots and the checked vest on the right
the eletric blue of the cropped jacket and the grey pants with boots on the right

...more pics of her

courtesy of
on Stella Mccartney SS09 show

PICS OF MAGDALENA - one of the best model of the moment

always from Vogue Fr

I don't remember where this ed comes from (probably Vogue Fr) 'cause I put it in my inspiration book long time ago but it's still worth to be posted as the pic is amazing, SEXY, and I love Magdalena Frackowiak!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

More pics about model style

I love this photo of Milla from the April issue of Elle Italia... I coudn't help not posting it!

Sunday, 22 March 2009


Just some pics from the movie that every fashion addict must love

Street Style from ElleUk

Style Icons: the Olsen twins

Love how they dress! sooo chic, classic but fresh, with a great sense of style! They are tiny, but impossible to be ignored...

The Chanel bag I'd lust to have...

...and above, the YSL Tribute sandals in tan and the small white Balenciaga clutch...

...mesh black shoes from Stella Mccartney's ss09 - I got mine in nude, and they are really so sexy and feminine

Again the YSL Tribute sandals and the fur colar which just stands out from the rest of the outfit

...the boyfriend jacket works brilliantly with a frilly dress and I am addicted to blue and black together...

Balmain Catwalk Preview Fall/Winter 2009-2010

Stunning! It took my breath away... so desperate to put my hands on everything!!!


Smart shopping doesn’t mean shopping for cheap clothes, rather it is making your buys worth your money.
First of all you have to control your spending and the first step is to set a budget and stick to it. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy an expensive piece of clothing that you really like, but to make sure that this piece would match most of the other pieces you got in your wardrobe so that it is well worth your money.
Research – Read magazines and go on-line before you hit the shops to get an idea of what’s in stores at that moment and which are the styles to look for. In this way you can also save time by knowing where you find what. It will be also easier to plan your budget (see # 1) as you know what price you should pay for that particular piece. At the beginning of each season then, before going on a shopping trip to update your wardrobe, be clever and check-out the designer collections on-line so that you can easily recognize the must-haves and be inspired once in high-street shops.
Do not leave the time of your trip to chance. Plan it – If you are free to plan your visit whenever you want, plan so it coincides with the days shops are less crowded (especially during mornings) and when you know they receive new deliveries.
Dress appropriately – Go shopping in pieces that make you feel confident but also are easy to take on and off. Opt for flat or at least comfortable shoes and bring a pair of high heels in your bag in case you need to see how long trousers or jeans will hang or dresses will look like with them.
Good underwear is necessary, especially when talking about bottoms. And if you are looking for something in particular to be matched with a piece you already have, bring it with you during your shopping trip. Or ensure you take your party underwear if you are shopping for a party outfit.
Sign up to web-sites that can give you the latest tips on all the sample sales, great opportunities to find bargains from top designers, like, or
Make the biggest (more expensive) purchase first – People usually build an outfit around the most expensive item they got, probably a suit or a dress, a coat or even a bag or a pair of shoes. So, when going shopping buy this item first and then work the rest of the outfit around it. The expensive item will help making cheap basics look more expensive and will add them a touch of quality.
Beware of trickery – like flattering lights and slimming mirrors often located in changing rooms. Bring the piece you are about to buy out of the changing room or even out of the shop if you can, in a natural light to see what a color really looks like next to your skin tone.
Shopping SOLO – To get what you want and not to buy an item you loved in the shop but hated when home, go alone. In this way you will focus just on shopping rather than being sidetracked by your friends’ needs. And remember that too many opinions can confuse you. Instead, know your weaknesses and strengths and decide by yourself (see # 9).
A recent survey found out that people usually decide to buy something in just a couple of seconds. Instead of impulse buying, take your time. If you are not sure about buying something, doubting whether it is worth the expense, leave it there for a couple of days or even a week or more. If you can’t stop thinking about it or at how it would match this and that in your wardrobe then go for it.
Besides, don’t just look at things or try them on, but feel them. Squeeze them. If there are too many clear creases when you let it go, don’t buy it. And if you are looking for cashmere, the softer is not always the better. Producers often add softener into the fabric to give the sensation of a high quality cashmere when touching it but it’s not true. The truth is that unfortunately you should spend at least 150/200£ for a real nice cashmere sweater.

more street style... from GraziaUk

... Carine Roitfeld's pinstriped blazer, patent shoe boots that I love, the Aztec jacket from Zara (soo fresh) and the punked-up look with Chanel 2.55 and biker boots...

6 Fashion statements in just 1 page: black lace on MariaCarla Boscono, boyfriend jacket and ripped jeans on the other plus balenciaga weekender bag and boots, rock chic with Chanel 2.55 and Givenchy gladiators... what else do we need???