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Sunday, 29 March 2009

veryELLE Shopping P/E09 REVIEW

I just bought this Elle Italia special number mostly about the new accssories of the SS09 season and the first impression is quite good, I got the feeling that I'm going to find something interesting to read and also some pieces to add to my wishlist... but anyway, let's flip through it together...

There are a couple of pages (which I always like) dedicated to fashion ladies', editors and buyers, choices about bags and shoes, followed by celebrities "it-bags" of the season... not bad to begin!

Following is an interview with the genious Bruno Frisoni, the creative soul of Roger Vivier, regarding what inspires him the most and which are the must-have shoes for a woman (3 for spring/summer).

There is also a very ORIGINAL (never saw one like this) Shopping map of Italy with more that 90 addresses to find every designer pieces you want

City guides (NY, Paris, London and Glasgow) are also very interesting as they are different than the usual city guides talking about where to stay or eat 'cause they give you tips on how to save money on hotels and restaurants and spend it all in the shops they recommand... CLEVER!
And when I first read the introduction on the page (which says "...the rule is to save on everything but Chanel and Jimmy Choos") I thought "wow, I am not the only one on earth, I am not crazy then!" and it made me feel soooo well and relaxed about my obsession :)

In conclusion, let's say that the pages dedicated to shoes are very inspiring but I was expecting more from the ones showing bags (tacky, cheap), lingerie and swimsuits - it was not a good selection at all!

P.S. Can brands like Guess or Miss Sixty copy shoes and bags from Sigerson Morrison and YSL??? It sounds really incredible to me???out of 5

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