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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Style Icons: the Olsen twins

Love how they dress! sooo chic, classic but fresh, with a great sense of style! They are tiny, but impossible to be ignored...

The Chanel bag I'd lust to have...

...and above, the YSL Tribute sandals in tan and the small white Balenciaga clutch...

...mesh black shoes from Stella Mccartney's ss09 - I got mine in nude, and they are really so sexy and feminine

Again the YSL Tribute sandals and the fur colar which just stands out from the rest of the outfit

...the boyfriend jacket works brilliantly with a frilly dress and I am addicted to blue and black together...

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  1. Eccomi finalmente vedo e ammiro il tuo bellissimo blog, anche se meriteresti un sito di quelli very cool!!!
    Ad ogni modo ti faccio una domanda molto style:
    quando facciamo un cucciolo di uomo?