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Sunday, 12 July 2009


Out and about in NYC Olivia looks very chic... I love how she matched so many colours at the same time and I like her multi-tiered nude coat and her oversized jewelled necklace. Definitely my winning look of the week!

It seems black is back and at least not just for Kate this week... I like her look here, especially the patent boyish mocassinos, even if I'm getting tired of her outfits. They are almost pretty the same.

As I told u, here is another celeb in black this week. Let's say that she is another black-addicted, so no extraordinary news. I decided to post it anyway 'cause I'm very much in love with her LBD.

Megan Fox is just everywhere these days and I hate her! She's good-looking yeah, nothing to say, but she's too self-conscious it shows and that's what I really don't like about her.
Anyway I think her true beauty comes out the most when she wears plain simple outfits instead of those look-at-me-I'm-so-sexy red carpet dresses. She's got such a pretty face she's obvious with those. Here I like her hat a lot, her ripped jeans (does she really have a great toned body? I just don't understand as she doesn't seem to when wearing jeans and a T-shirt...) and the big balck hobo bag.

So simple and boho I love it! I really like this kind of long dresses, they make me dream of summer days and holidays spent in Ibaza or on a Greek island and I'd love to go to one of those destination with my beau. I like the fact that she paired it with that white Chloè bag... she knows the right stuff, doesn't she???

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