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Sunday, 26 July 2009


This is for sure my favourite look of the week together with the one below from Diane.
I love the fact that she seems so relaxed as she didn't put too much effort in deciding what she was to wearing. And I really like that long thin scarf and the dark green colour she has chosen for the shoes. Very different!

Diane does not disappoint me, ever! The Balmain dress here is fabulous, AMAZING, I wish I could effort one like this. I'm not so convinced about the shoes though, let me say they are ok.

The lazy outfit from Angelina is very-airport chic... u know, I've got this obsession in looking at what celebrities wear on their long flight as I believe that true style comes out from the everyday looks more than while attending red-carpet events. I like her long grey t-shirt a lot with black skinnies.

She's sooo chic she doesn't seem to be true! This beautiful dress is from her new Autumn/Winter 2010 collection (and costs more than 2.000£... crazy, uh???) and it is even better with those sky-high burgundy (or dark brown?) Louboutin.

I was not so sure about posting this pic up till the end... but then I though, "it is the only celeb is trying to have fun with matching clothes and accessories", so she worths a spot in my looks of the week post.
To be true, I like the shorts (very this moment), the colourful silk blouse and the shoes a lot, but there is something that just doesn't match, that plays out of the tune... could it be the yellow clutch bag? I just don't understand what it is. Maybe the blouse was already enough!

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