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Sunday, 2 August 2009


Black&white is one of my fave look, always... and this one here from Molly Sims is quite nice. Maybe a bit obvious but still very pretty. Like the long necklace in particular.

She definitely does not have the body I would like to have but I like how she's dressed here. Comfty yet stylish and I'm keen on her Tribute YSL shoes, especially on that colour and matched with grey! Good choice!

She is my style icon of the week, for sure! How could it be different? I love this look, I wouldn't have had the courage to wear these different colours all together but I must admit the effect is powerful and chic in a very French way.

I know this outfit is very simple and it coudn't seem to be nothing special at first sight... but I'm totally crazy about it! The black jacket, the grey jeans mini-skirt, the not-too-matching hat... very Kate Moss for its simplicity and very cool! I don't know if the pic was taken at Berlin airport but it is a very cute outfit for the way, whose bag is that? it's amazing!

It's an official occasion here (Inglorious bastard premiere in Berlin) and she gets more elegant than ever. Her Hervè Leger powder mini-dress is so feminine and pretty but still making her sexy. I like her hair too, very chic.

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