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Monday, 20 July 2009


Sorry for the delay in writing, I should have made it yesterday....
Anyways, many pictures this week but so much to say. Most of the outfits are very simple but I decided to post 'em as I like each of them for a reason (maybe even just a detail or a colour).

First look is from Asheley Cole: I like black and white a lot during last couple of months so that's why I choose this pic. And also for the amazing Tribute YSL pumps, of course! Ah, I forgot to tell you that I've finally put my hands on mine 2 weeks ago at the YSL outlet... they come in a very dark green colour but I love them! Didn't have the occasion to wear them yet but I know they're going to make all my girlfriends jealous!

Welcome back Kate! I like the leather cropped biker jacket (the one I'm looking for myself) and the boots are quite nice.

Sienna is really dressed in a simple way here, quite boring... but what catched my eye was the long grey cardi and the white brogues (both on my wishlist).

Now it is my turn to be jealous! She's just soooooo stylish here I hate her! The dress/coat in that peach/apricot romantic colour paired with thong flat sandals and a LV bag for her little dog.... uhmmmmm, who is she, the new Jackie Kennedy???

Marisa Miller is a true beauty and I found the way she's dressed here really elegant and glamorous. The white bandeau mini dress (with black details, bows and stuff) is very pretty and sexy at the same time.

Here is another Victoria's Secret beauty... second appearence for her this week... what to say? She looks stunning! She looks like a '40s style actress.

I like her a lot! I know u'll not find anything special in this look but I like the long striped t-shirt a lot and definitely how she looks here in general. Maybe I would not have wore those boots, they're just too big for her tiny figure.

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