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Sunday, 23 August 2009


I don't really know what to say again... I'm conscious I've been posting pictures of Diane every week for a long time now but I coudn't help but doing it (and it is not the only one this week)! She's amazing in everything she chooses!
Her Miu Miu dress here is very glamourous.

Diane again this time wearing Chanel head to toe! What a dream!

At "The September Issue" premiere (the movie on Anna Wintour everyone is talking about, can't wait it is across cinemas) she looks stunning! I like her legs a lot so I found it difficult not to like her outfit every time she wears a mini-dress.

Sorry followers, u'll get bored of my posts if I'll going on posting pics of her! I really really love her mini-floral dress here. I've being searching for one of those for a long time and still haven't found it yet! Not so sure about the boots tough (at least there's one thing I don't like!).

Blake Lively's patent Mary-Janes Louboutins had made my day when I found out this pic! She's dressed in a very simple way and that is what makes accessories come out from the look. I like it! And a men white shirt is always chic, you can't go wrong.

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