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Sunday, 21 June 2009


Sorry for not writing for the whole week but... I'm sooo busy at work I didn't have anytime left for myself...

Anyways, here are all the looks I've been loving for the last 7 days except for this first one below that actually should have belonged to the previous week looks (but I just found out the pic a couple of days ago...) but I coudn't help not posting it!

Kate Bosworth has always been one of my favourite actress, I like her figure (a bit tiny but well proportioned) and I find her face amazing! Her outfit here is simple and well matched: love especially the body-con black skirt that goes with everything and the shoes paired with that bag. Really cute face though...

I don't like this dress very much (cut-out details and fringing are too much together)- I wouldn't have wore it, that's for sure - but I like it on her. I adore the laser cut heels from Giuseppe Zanotti Design.
Diane, oh Diane... what should I say? Red is going very strong this week... she's just AMAZING! Love the shoes, the dress... she's perfect!

My absolutely favourite look for this week! Skinnies will always win for me over any other pants and I'm in love with the gold studded sweater/jacket she's wearing (very Givenchy). I also usually like sky-high heels but I'm not sure I like those (Zanotti again?), maybe too high platform (they give the sensation of her being a drag queen!!!).

Another winning look for her this week! Love both the dress and the shoes!
I know this outfit is not one of those you were expecting but it just surpised me when I saw it... I like the fact that she seems very toned and I really appreciate the acid green colour of the vest, so modern and different!

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