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Sunday, 7 June 2009


This is my favourite look of the week: the dress is amazing, especially paired with those sky-high ankle boots and what to say about her beautiful, toned long legs? She's got it all!

She is so "pure"... the powder/nude colour in its every shade makes her really sweet... of course, it's very easy with that beautiful figure and such pretty face!

Oh Sienna Sienna... finally you did something good... her look here is very now, big harem pants (maybe a bit too much?) matched with the blazer with curled up arms... I quite like this outfit and I like the way she matched 3 different (even if all neutrals) colours. Nice shoes too(Margiela?)

I'm not a huge fan of Jessica Biel but this outfit really surprised me: it is very lady-like (good source of inspiration for the office look) and simple and I really love the blue tone she used.
Not sure I'm going to repeat it though.

Another lady-to-be this week... Rosie has a very fresh and young face so the contrast she made wearing this very-Armani kind of outfit is quite significant. She' s feminine, delicate and, why not? a bit posh... she looks adorable by the way.

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