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Friday, 17 April 2009

The - it's now live!

I wasn't at work yesterday (at least even I got a day-off here at the hotel!) and I just found out that yesterday was the day! Finally our waiting has come to an end, the launchin of the is now on!
I have already taken a look (unfortunately just for 5 minutes) and my first impression is good for the moment... Even if I read on the web that fashionistas are a bit disappointed about it (they said the prices are quite the same ones of the netaporter sales and there are not too many items) I keep being hopeful... I love too much not to give them a chance!

There are pieces from designers' previous collections (as they have promised) and more stuff will come. There aren't many small sizes and lots of items are already out of stock (even if I read the site was launched at 3am this morning!) but let's stay tuned and see what happens!

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