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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sienna, where's your well-known sense of style???

OMG! I love to see red on Sienna, she looks pretty in it, but not a red cape :( it made me asking: what the hell is happening to her to decide to put this piece on? Anyway, I like the Russel&Bromley boots (at least!), but nothing to get so excited about.
the long boyfriend jacket in this very feminine colour is a must-have this season and the matching skirt (RED Valentino - Chloè style) is a do but, please Sienna, not together!

Despite her legs, which are very long and beautiful, I really hate this dress wore by Sienna during the ShoWest Awards at Paris Las Vegas. We can save just the shoes (and I am in doubt)...

From the waist upwards, the look is cute (like the white shirt and the jacket) and those shorts are nice too but not over black thights and knee boots with those heels :(

She just seems so normal... where has her innate style gone?
She used to be my style icon for a lot of time, I was always eager to check her looks and took some imspiration from them but now I feel so depressed and disappointed looking at her photos. When she doesn't get the outfit wrong, she just appears as the most normal girl on the street, nothing to hide nor to notice.
I miss her Jude Laws boho chic days.

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