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Sunday, 3 May 2009


I really like that belt from Matthew Williamson for H&M and I also like that Mary-Kate (sure?) flashes out the outfit with that electric blue/purple long sweater. On the other hand, the bag is a splash of colour and a good idea to match the rest of the look (and the colours are the right ones) but I don't like the print.
Stella is always Stella! She wore one of her look at Milan International Furniture Fair and it was perfect! I have to try it (the long boyfriend jacket with nothing under) on my next night out
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No, no, no Sienna, you're still missing the point here... it just doesn't seem your style. I got the feeling I'm being too much unforgiving with her , but I can't say I like her latest outfits. The one here is not bad at all, but what surprise me is that it is nothing special. The bag is the only piece I really like, very-this-moment. Com'on Sienna, give us one of your usual inspiring look!

If the picture of Diane Kruger below wasn't part of the looks of this week (actually it should have been on last week's post) this look from Chloè would surely be my favourite of the week for sure. Even if don't like wearing those colours (they don't look good with my skin tone - pale olive), I must admit she looks amazing. What I love is the leopard printed tank and the Chloè multi-strap wedges I absolutely want to buy myself this season!

As I said, this photo should not belong to this week's post but she is just sooo elegant and feminine that even if I found it out later on I decided to post it anyway.
The impression I got is that the dress maybe would have been more appropriate for an older lady but it is very glamorous and the fact she has a classic face and figure makes it perfect for her though.

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