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Sunday, 3 May 2009

JULIE ORDON - What a cutie!

This is the Chanel ad that made her famous

Maybe she's no news to fashionistas and to model-followers but I was found of Julie from the very first moment. I noticed her on the Chanel TV ad in which she was so sexy and then I found just some amazing other pictures of her... but what convinced me the most about this beau was that she's as tall as me! I know it may sound foolish and childish but, since I was modelling in my twenties in Milan and it was very difficul for me to catch some assignments because of my height (5.7), I started having an ossessive curiosity and a true passion for those famous short models (Kate Moss, Diane Kruger and so on). It made me feel I was not the only short one among these giant models! With just 1 big difference: they made it and I didn't! Now I know that I would have moved to Milan earlier and be more strong-willed :( I was already 26/27 years old and even if I signed with Elite models, I was too old (competing to all those 14 year old girls) and too arrogant "to be judge as a piece of meat".
Happy and hard days at the same time, big regrets of my life.
Sorry to have made you sad!

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