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Saturday, 3 April 2010


I'm not jealous believe me, she's one of my fashion icons and I really like her lovely face (not talking about her hot body), but I don't know why I found this editorial too sexual. It was like that I never tought she could be like that. I know she's one the Victoria's Secret Angels, sexy but never in a vulgar way. But when I saw these pictures (I know it is GQ which is a mens magazine but anyways...) and worse than that, the video of the shoot backstage (check it here, it screams sex), I was absolutely speechless. I have to say I was a bit disappointed and I'm usually not a prissy person! And also... did she make some injections to her lips??? they are bigger that ever....!?!? What do u think? Isn't all this sex a bit too much? There's a lot of nude in fashion (fashionporn is so now) and every famous model has made at least a couple of photoshoots wearing pretty nothing but I find this one for GQ different. Do u feel the same or is it just me having this sensation?

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