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Saturday, 3 April 2010


Someone up there might have read my mind as yesterday when going out to get something for my friend Louise's bday, I almost fainted in front of a shop window. My purpose that afternoon was not to buy anything as I just came back from a trip to London a few weeks ago with my brand new Balenciaga leather jacket (which is costing me a lot beans, rice and eggs dinners!) and I do not have any money left. I've already made an exception buying a cropped feminine military parka I have seen before leaving Italy and I tought it would have been enough for April, but... I wasn't ready for what I found! One of the outlets I usually visit once every month or two had amazing Alaia shoes on its window. I've always had a lust after the shoes every fashion editor wears, but I've never had enough money to buy them and even when they went 50% off at the outnet they were still too expensive for my wallet (or better, I always have too many items on my never-ending wish-list!).
The original tag price of this amazing high-heeled sandal was 980,00 euros and I bought them at 240,00 euros! Coudn't believe it, I had to have them!!!
I didn't take a picture of them yet, but I will and I'll show you my bargain as soon as I can!
Enjoy the pic of the leather shoebox in the meantime, which is already amazing by itself. I'm sooooo happy I want to jump all around!

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