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Friday, 16 April 2010


I've just returned from a true fight trying to shop the £1-$1-€1 sale of the outnet with no results at all! Jumped out of my bed this morning at 8.30am when my mobile warned me I've received their email announcing the sale was starting at that exact moment, I wasn't able to connect to their site till half an hour ago! Ok, I was like "all the others are experiencing the same thing, so don't panic", and kept trying and trying to connect even from 3 computers at the same time. No way!
When I finally managed to connect, everything but a few orrible things was already sold out (how???). And even when I tried to click on one of the remaining items, the loading was so long that when the page came on the screen the piece was already sold out!!! 
Now, should I blame on my bad luck (better say my slowness?) or was it really impossible to buy something?

Can you please tell me if any of you was able to shop from their sale today?


  1. I managed to get this dress:

    and didn't log in until 8.

  2. I had the same experience! Loading took forever, and by the time it did it was sold out! Boo Outnet.

  3. i think it was a scam for email addresses - i couldn't get on til 8.30 but a lot was still available by then - yet every time you clicked on something an internal error came up or it logged you out - that's what kept happening to me and i haven't been able to log back in again... whoever claims to have bought the dress it either extremely lucky or works for Outnet!

  4. (I am the 1st anonymous poster)

    I got an email through hotmail at 7.23, woke up just after 8 and got through after 20 mins. Once I managed to get on it didnt seem to crash, just slow to load. My boyf managed to buy some shorts (not very nice ones but 1 pound all the same!) half an hour after that and he had a lot of problems. And neither of us work for the company.

  5. Hi I'm from spain and I experimented the same thing!impossible to connect,now the available things are horrible and when I click on them it's sold out or there is a internal server error!I think outnet should put on sale more clothes or fix the server!so frustrated!
    Kisses for all! D.

  6. I'm happy at least one of us bought something! But I can see everyone found the same problems in connecting and I still think the amazing pieces had been caught by insiders or people working for them as u said.
    How sad :(

  7. I think it was a bit of a scam, to be honest. I'd made a shortlist of things that were available in my size etc. and managed to get them in the basket, but then the system crashed and I had error messages galore. This was from a fast PC at work. Not happy!

  8. Terrible experience! What a gimmick! Tried for hours to log on (from Dubai) since I received their email, one word: USELESS!
    The worst PR stunt ever! When I, after hours, finally got to the page to check out, my Ungaro dress was for over 700 Pounds (surprise anyone? Everything for 1 Pound??) and I called them to hear their recorded warning that only what would be marked 1 Pound would be 1 Pound which was exactly NOTHING at all! There was no way I could have been faster or anything. I am thinking this was exactly planned like that, maybe they were counting on people's stupidity who would buy and then be surprised the price of EVERYTHING was not 1 Pound at all??? I am done with the OUTNET for sure!

  9. They said that "everything on sale" was at 1£ which was a little bit misleading to my opinion but I thought it couldn't have been all! I logged in yesterday to check if the items I liked came in my size to be ready for today but, not considering I wasn't able to connect for a long time, none of the pieces I saw was on sale today!
    No Alaia shoes at all, for example!

  10. Same here, but I see something a little bit weirder...i didn't get an email until 3:45 (West Coast/USA)...doesn't really matter the time zone it seems like all emails should have been sent at the same time increment...for example, 45 minute of the hour...maybe i'm crazy or just a liitle sour,lol.