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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


It's all about dark roots that gradually fade to honey blonde tips but the result is really cool! Let your highlights grow and you got it girl (or at least this is how I did it!). It's very natural and model-ish, I love the effect. And you don't have to go to your hairstylist and pay a lot of money for it! 
Even if you are not blonde, you can still make it as it works with any tone or textures - check Caroline Blomst, she's more like a red-head and she's got amazing hair.
I think the first one was Erin Wasson quite a long time ago and now it's everywhere! Just remember that, even it is a low maintainance trend, since you're going to light your tips so much, they'll need more moisture and you'll have to take care of them (to avoid they get dry) investing in some restorative products.


  1. lovely photos!!!


  2. Thank you for making me know your blog, I'm following you now!

    Danda xxx

  3. i love this kinda hair style too. but i am a bit too blond and i wont colour my hair dark.. very pretty pictures!
    xx from berlin

  4. it looks amazing on them... but id be too scared of the consecuences in my hair after asing for something similar in a hairdresser xD

  5. I can understand your doubts as I wouldn't ask my hairdresser either... I think its really a difficul effect to reproduce. You should have highlighted hair and then just let the roots grow up. That's how I did it.
    Thank you all for posting your comments!