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Sunday, 20 September 2009


I really like this look from Bar here. She's usually dressed in a very simple, featureless way I just don't pay attention to, but this time she's finally got it! Always a plain, unsophisticated outfit yet very cool. Those shoes are amazing (gladiators + studs)!
I'm glad Mischa has finally recovered from her last not-so-easy period and she looks quite nice here at Herve Leger's catwalk show in NY. I like her bondage black Leger dress paired with a pair of skyscraper black sandals.

I wasn't sure about posting this pic, her look is quite not my kind of. I surely like the colours she matched and the ballet flats, but I'm definitely not into that model. Anyways, I think she's cute here, even if I don't like her face a lot as I find it a little too masculine, but we'r not here to judge that, aren't we? C'mon Rumi, look at your mum, u can do better next time!

Penelope is not between my fav actresses either and I usually don't appreciate the way she's dressed, but I've liked this outfit ever since I saw it. The colour is very different (just not so used)and that Grecian model looks very glamourous on her. Well done!

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