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Sunday, 13 September 2009


I found this outfit really amazing! I like the dress, such a chic black&white print, and the accessories she matched are perfect. Nice tiny belt and bag. I'm not so into her shoes tough, they are nothing special. Generally speaking, it is definitely my favourite look of the week.
I decided to post this look from Frida Pinto 'cause I'm so in love with the Maje leopard print blouse she's wearing. I don't know if u can see the big ruffled shoulders from this pic (very Dolce and Gabbana and very this season), I think that's the very best part. Anyways, I just bought a white cotton shirt from Zara with the same shoulders and I can't wait to wear it(still too hot here in Italy to wear long sleeves)!

I suppose this is the first time I post a pic of Kristin Cavallari as I don't usually find her looks very interesting but I just like the above one. Nothing too inspiring or new to us, as she put on the first things she found in her wardrobe, but I like these 3 colours paired together and my attention was certainly caught by her red mules. Nice legs!

Alessandra is dressed in a quite simple way here (as always)... it is a cool outfit for going out shopping or to the market, easy and relaxed. Like her (Lanvin?) bronze ballet flats - they would go with everything - her long striped cardi and her Chloè white bag.

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