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Saturday, 16 May 2009


Sooooo now! Ripped black skinnies with boyfriend jacket and those Stella McCartneys! Uh, that's impressive, girl! I'd almost wished I was her!
pic courtesy of Garance Dorè
I love this outfit! like the cropped leather motorcycle black jacket and the over the ankle boots
pic courtesy of Garance Dorè (p.s. I think this is from NYC actually!)
This look could seem too much at first sight but then you'll notice that each piece is perfectly matched with the others. I like the tartan mini dress wore with plain simple black leggings and the fur (faked?) belted waistcost.
pic from the sartorialist

I really like the checked boyfriend shirt matched with a sequined black t-shirt, what a cool idea!
picture from Garance Dorè

The white belted tailored vest is what caught my attention here but I also like the cropped pants showing the gladiators
pic from

very simple outfit yet glamorous

from the sartorialist

the cropped grey jacket is amazing!

she's very boho-chic with those Minnetonka fringed boots, the acid jeans jacket and the beanie

pic courtesy of Garance Dorè

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