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Saturday, 9 May 2009


so simple yet so chic

I like the metallic blouse

long legs and a Chanel 2.55

love the boots from Givenchy and the long bright green cardigan

again the long striped cardigan

the scarf and laced up boots
always fascinated by the Chanel necklaces

Flirty mini-dress, fab shoes and a Chanel 2.55

she's not in my books but
quite like her style
the flat sandals

Daria at the Met I don't know of which year... this Alaia dress is a kind of dress that could be wore just by models (picture courtesy of

I got the same poncho and it just goes on everything!

Simple black&white dress (oh, I love B&W), she's cute!

Love this tomboy look: ripped jeans are so this moment and I've always liked the braces matched with that kind of t-shirt

the jacket, the boots, the ripped shorts... what do you want to say??? very very rock-chic

I quite like her looks

Got the same Miu Miu bag and I wish I had that mongolia cropped jacket

too cute to be true! there's nothing in particular that I like from this three, but I just feel like posting the image... it makes me smile...

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