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Monday, 20 April 2009




Q How would you define your style?

A I tend to pick clothes I know work for me: classic pieces with a twist. But I'm not Sienna Miller or Kate Moss - I'm not capable of going into my wardrobe every day and looking like I've walked out of a fashion magazine.

Q Do you have a stylist?

A The only time I use a stylist is when I go on a promotional tour. What you wear reflects who you are and there's a difference between looking polished and looking like everyone else.

Q What's you best fashion tip?

A I don't believe clothes have to be comfortable to look good - I've worn fabulous dresses I coudn't even sit in. If I love something and I know it looks good on me, I'm more than happy to suffer for it.

Q You have a fabulous figure. Any body secrets?

A I used to be a dancer, so I've always been quite body conscious. I don't work out but I eat healthly and do Pilates when I have the time. When I'm older, I'd love to look as good as Helen Mirren (her co-star in National Treasure: Book of Secrets). She has a fabulous figure and she's so sexy.

Q Do you still feel an affinity with the fashion world?

A Absolutely. I love it and Karl Lagerfeld remains a good friend. I met him at a casting weùhen I was 16 and he lives a couple of doors down from me in Paris now. He must be the only person in Paris who drives a Hammer - you can see him coming a mile off.

Q What's been your best fashion moment?

A I wore a hand-embroidered Elie Saab dress to the Oscars a couple of years ago. And the dress Karl made it for me to wear at Cannes this year was beatiful. How many people have the privilege of wearing a made-to-measure haute-couture gown?

Q How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?

A If I'm going out with my boyfriend and I haven't seen him for a while, it can take me up to an hour and a half. I love it when Joshua (Jackson, the actor) says "That dress, is it new?" and I reply, "No, it's old thing?" We don't see each-other all the time so he still notice things, which is nice.

This interview is part of an ELLE UK interview to Diane Kruger in an article about Richard Nicoll and her.

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