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Saturday, 24 April 2010


I must be sincere and admit that at first I absolutely disagreed with this clogs' revival. When I saw the chunky shoes on Chanel catwalk I was like "OMG, stay away from me" and I never thought I would have followed this trend and buy a pair.

But then I went for a walk and decided to visit one of my male friends who actually works for Prada. I was doing a little chat with him and I saw them... this pair of amazing sky-high clogs in cream were looking at me begging to give them a try. I coudn't resist. I started telling him I didn't even know Prada was doing a pair and he told me they've just arrived as a preview of the Autumn/winter 2010 collection. The damage had been caused already and I wasn't anymore able to stop myself from trying them on. As soon as I put them on they had to be mine - they were heavy yet chic, also not considering my improved height - the heel is about 5'' - but the price tag of Eur 400 stopped me from opening my purse and handle the creditc card to my inviting friend.
A few days after, I saw a picture of Garance Dorè - one of my favourite icon of the moment - wearing a pair of Chanel clogs, exactly the same colour I've felt in love with in the Prada boutique. Then again, a post from Caroline Bromst (check it here made me start my research on the internet to find a high-street pair to satisfy my desperate need of clogs. And it's even still cloudy and cold these days!

At the end I found this Chanel-isque pair - they pretty much look the same - on urban outfitters from Jeffrey Campell (the ones suggested by Caroline) at Eur 144.
Now that I'm looking forward to receiving my treasures, I've started thinking about how I should wear them. Take for granted that I don't want myself to turn into a hippie girl coming back from the 70s and wear them with very long skirts or exaggerate flares, so I was looking for some inspiration.

Wearing them my own personal way, I think I'll match 'em with ankle skinnies, probably white or very light blue and some silk top/shirt or a frilly feminine blouse.


  1. I wont be wearing them...I dont know,I`m just more oxfords and loafers type :)

  2. I love the idea of me being really tall with those clogs on but I'm still so indecisive... I'm afraid they're too chunky and heavy, also difficul to be matched as I don't have long legs... I'll tell you when they arrive :)
    thank you for your comment!