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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I'm sorry to say that I'm usually not a big fan of London fashion week - even if London is like home to me - it's just that I'm not so much into English designers , as I feel closer to the Parisian chic bohemian style.
Apart from that, I found Burberry Prorsum catwalk show of yesterday truly newsworthy.
Spring/summer season didn't even come yet and I'm already desperate to have one of those bulky, tough shearling big-collared jackets from Christopher Bailey's collection. God, this man has made such a great work!
Never mind which jacket (you can't go wrong!), they're all amazing, especially if paired with the sexy, frilly and feminine dresses Bailey made models go out with on the runway and those never-ending black leather boots.
I think it is the best outerwear I've seen till now during both Ny and London fashion weeks. Those shearling jackets (sorry to keep repeating that), the military parkas and the gold-buttoned blue peacoats have been made to live a long long life in women closets (the very fortunate ones who can afford Burberry clothes).
In addition to all that, I'd like to spend a few words on the fact that Bailey's catwalk show was globally live-viewed on the web and also, which is even more important and absolutely new, the runway clothes could have been pre-ordered just clicking on the "buy" button while watching the show live on the Burberry website.
Thank you Christopher! All my admiration.
P.S. please follow my suggestion, don't click through the Burberry website or you'll get crazy not having the money to afford one of the jackets of the catwalk (a model on the site just move and turn to show it in a seductive way when clicking upon). DO NOT GO! Whoever tought all this is a genious.
OMG, I'm becoming obsessed!

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