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Saturday, 28 November 2009


Some models and some non-models street outfits I like for some reason I've collected during last weeks. Enjoy!

I like the glasses, they'r a cute alternative from the black big ones we've seen everywhere during last months

still in love with that YSL bag, especially in grey.
I'm going to YSL outlet next week, maybe I can find one of those. Keepin' my fingers crossed...

I'm absolutely found of the black ruffle-jacket Giova's got. Does somebody know whose it is?

THAT BAG!!! and... I just received one like that yesterday from a friend of mine who works in a Givenchy factory in Italy!!! Lucky me!

I found this picture very chic, she's cute, the coat is amazing and very French.

Whose bag is that? First time I see it, I had to know! I'm not a big fan of her, even she had a lot of success during last fashion weeks - she was on every catwalk show - great mix by the way.

I like how the girl is dressed - very 70's

Another YSL bag that I love (and still don't have) and the electric blue... uhmmmmm, different yet classic.

her boots caught my attention here

...couldn't help posting it! cute and stylish at that age? where's her mother? I wanna meet her!

All images are courtesy of Stockholmstreetstyle and Styleandthecity


  1. la bimba è bellissima!

    "I found this picture very chic, she's cute, the coat is amazing and very French." ---> non ho parole!

  2. in che senso nn hai parole? ti piace? La bimba esprime esattamente la mia idea di children style! Grazie per tutti i commenti che lasci!