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Sunday, 18 October 2009

ThE LoOkS I LoVe ThIs WeEk

Sorry everybody not to have been posting the looks of the week anymore but I got tired of reading about them everywhere on the web and also a bit bored of loooking around for them. This week I decided to post just the two looks that caught my attention by chance, while googleing around.

Rosie Huntington Whitley - what a romantic chic cutie!

Miranda Kerr - I just hate those long legs!So jealous!


  1. lol the looks are def. beautiful
    that skirt Miranda has is awesome
    the gypsy fashion is always cool
    you might want to check out the ones by Eva Danielle,
    they have a lot of color =)
    check them out

  2. These girls always know how to look good. I really like your blog by the way.