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Sunday, 31 May 2009


She is absolutely the winner this week! Attending the Burberry party in NY wearing a Burberry dress (obviously) she just looks perfect! I like the fact that she paired this frilly feminine white dress with thick black tights and boots (I usually can't see my legs in black tights and white clothes). She is simple yet glamorous. Thumbs up for Lily!

Diane will always be on my mind when deciding what to wear, especially for a formal occasion... she's smart, feminine and elegant but in her own special way and that's why I like her so much!
The double breasted Chanel jacket is... DIVINE! I wish I will have one like this in my life... please...

Here is one of her nicest looks during these times... I just realized that Sienna (which has not been a good inspiration source for me during last months) is good at easy-style looks more than big-occasion ones. And the one above is quite interesting to study. The studded boots are in now so they are a good choice (even if she's been wearing them for weeks), the flirty micro-flowers dress is perfect for a shopping spree (in London-Chelsea as you can see from the Austique boutique bag... been there many times... oh, good memories...) and the light jean vest (taken out from a boyfriend wardrobe) updates her look even more.

Another easy-style outfit this week, this time on Whitney Port. I don't think I will copy that look to go out but I found her really good at matching everything here: the boyfriend rolled up pants wore with mens bi-colour shoes (I'm sorry but mine from Church's are cuter!), the feminine t-shirt (nice contrast!) with ripped leather biker jacket and... ta-dah... the Chanel 2.55 always wins! A both nice and comfy look in general.

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