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Sunday, 24 May 2009


I'm getting no good source of inspiration from last weeks looks including this ultimate one... or maybe it's just me suffering from a lack of inspiration???
Here are the 4 looks I found interesting during the whole week (what a poor loot!).
Thanks Diane for the cute and fashionable outfits you offer us every week!

Very LBD and a boyfriend jacket with cuffed sleeves, simple hair, OMG, I like it sooo much! And what to say about those amazing Chanel shoes? They surely make the difference!

Twice on the list this week... I like how she matches the colours, the pattern of the skirt (finally a different piece from the usual easy matching plain ones everyone is wearing, including me!) and the patent open toe Mary-Janes she uses a lot these days. And... is that a gorgeous Givenchy Nightingale bag?

Beyoncè is really improving week after week... altought I don't really like her figure (she got a pretty face but sorry, I'm not just into that kind of body) this outfit is perfect! I love the studded white vest (not the usual boring black one) wore with jean shorts and I like the patent shoes also. They are quite next to gladiators but in a different, cooler and more feminine way. Congrats!

I was unsure about posting this image up till this morning, so you can understand that it is not one of my fave looks... the intention is fine, the simplicity of the outfit is a winning find, I like the idea of sequined pale (nude?) leggings matched with mens white shirt (good contrast), but the shoes are almost ruining the whole outfit in my opinion. I found them so expected and obvious to be chosen with these colours... maybe a black patent pair of sandals (with a black small boxed clutch - the size she is carrying is quite right, you should keep your accessories tiny with this long shirt) would have been given more attitute to the look. I think I would also have risked with a red pair...

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