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Monday, 6 April 2009

Vintage designer jewellery

I just want to get your attention about these beautiful vintage jewellery pieces that came out today from The earrings from Chanel and Givenchy from the 80s are so amazing!
I didn't know Asos would have such a glamorous selection but then... The ones on left are from Givenchy and they cost 110 euros but maybe are a little bit too big (at least for me!), the middle pair is from Nina Ricci (they seem very "vintage" and I like it a lot) and the last but of course not the least comes from Chanel. As always, they are so pretty, lady-like style. There's only a problem: the price is more than 300 euro and that makes things a bit complicated :)
There are some other pieces on the web site (mostly necklaces and brooches) and it's worth taking a look

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