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Friday, 24 April 2009

MICRO FLORALS - This season new trend

I have never been a huge fan of florals, even when I was a little girl, but this article in Vogue Uk - April 2009 issue has quite convinced me to re-think about them.

I believe I will never be the one who wears big florals but if we are questioning about micro florals then they could build such a fashionable contrast if paired with rocker pieces or bad girl clothes like a leather biker jacket over a girly floral printed mini dress or studded biker boots (see the ones of Isabel Marant Fall/Winter 2010 - I will post them later on). So I have decided to give them a chance posting this article while I try to match them with my other wardrobe staples and test this trend myself.
Uh, I was almost forgetting to tell you last picture is from an Italian gossip magazine - the girl is Belen Rodriguez, a very sexy brazialian who's having a lot of success in my country. I post it because, besides she's very feminine and sexy, the way she wears the trend with that micro florals shirt is just the way I got in mind.

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